Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Investing Gold in A Smart Way

Recently, I just found out that Islamic countries like Indonesia has a very good system for gold investment in which it has a 1 : 5 leverage for gold investment, by using the Syariah Banking System.

In one of the Syariah Banking system, they have one service called "Gold Pawning", in which we can pawn our gold ( and I mean a Certified Gold Bar by PT. Antam Tbk, a Government - owned Gold manufacturer in Indonesia) to the bank with a very little cost. The bank could lend out 80% of the nominal value of the gold at that time with no interest rate (but pls put in mind that you still have a little pawn cost per month).

We can use this mechanism by first, buy a gold bar, and then pawn it to the Syariah Banking system, and receive 80% loan from the bank, and by using the 80% you can still invest more in gold. The good point here is that, although you only put 20% cost into the gold investment, you still receive 100% in increase of gold value. That is where the 1 : 5 leverage value coming from, meaning you just invest 20% of the gold value at that time, but you still receive the 100% in increase of gold value (or the bad news, the 100% in decrease of gold value).

This kind of investment only valid for long term investment plan, as we know that gold will increase for long term period. I personally didn't advise this type of investment plan for those speculators who only aim for short term profit.

Before any of you would go in depth for this type of investment plan, please make sure you check with your local Syariah Bank what are the pawn cost that you will be charged of. Also you have to predict gold prices to identify when is the perfect time for you to invest? The main point here is ... LEARN before you go in depth...and please bear in mind that .... PLAY THIS ON YOUR OWN RISK....

I myself have put almost a month study about gold investment before I really put my money into this .

Keep Learning ... and Take Action ....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting my 2nd business : Franchise Consulting Firm

During these 2 months, we have been very busy in preparing my 2nd business : A Franchise Consulting Firm, which specialised on Franchise System.

The reasons why I choose this field are because the market for consulting is growing, as my local market need a lot of help to enter national market. Secondly, I met a good business partner who taught me a lot of things regarding consulting industry. But the most important reason is that I have chances to study other businesses, their systems, strategies and gather valuable information from my clients.

Lots of my friends and families doubt that I may succeed in this industry, but I m very optimistic that I can earn something from here.

Learning from my experience, I really encourage you people out there to start your own business, despite you have the money, or experiences. Just like those people said " Where there is a will, there is a way"

Be Creative Folks...

Until then ....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buy A House Without Money

Seems like I didnt drop by for a year already ... well ... it's because I m too busy reorganize my travel agent business and prepare it for Auto Pilot System, which is not easy at all.

Recently my company just bought an office with NO MONEY AT ALL.Well, if you said it's impossible, I'll tell you how I did it.

4 months ago, I joined an investment seminar that taught us how to buy house with NO MONEY AT ALL, and in return you still get CASH BACK and you don't have to pay the monthly installments using your OWN MONEY.

Well, after joining that seminar, I hunted for houses for almost 3 months, and after I got so desperated and going to give up soon, I saw one classified ads which showed there is an office for sale which sold for extremely low price, while the location of the property is located in prime area, which thousands of cars have to cross that particular location everyday.

I visited the property directly and found out that it's a quite old property (1980's) which need a massive renovation. After that I went back and talked to my shareholders regarding it, and we finally to buy the house at IDR 650 milllion. After some negotiation, we are agree at IDR 660 million. The closing cost of the property is about IDR 40 Million, and guess what, bank gives us IDR 700 million. This made us buying the property without using our money at all.

Well, there are some minor mistakes during the process. The market price of the property within that area is about IDR 1 billion, in which bank will mortgage it for 80% of the market price value, which mean bank will give us loan about IDR 800 million, giving us some cash back to do some renovation. But the fact is we had not enough time to find perfect bank that willing to give us such loan.

Second mistake is that we should have negotiated with the owner to give us 2 months time to get bank loan for the property instead of one month, which was not enough for us to find the perfect bank.

Well, for the monthly installments, we planned to renovate the 2nd floor tp 4th floor to become an exclusive boarding house, which we have calculated that it could cover the monthly installments.

If everything is go on as planned, the cashflow from the boarding house will cover the monthly installments, and we can use the 1st floor to become our travel agent office without have to worry about the rental fee at all.

The experience I went through with my first NO MONEY NEEDED property is quite worth it, beside the fact that I still have to learn more about the technique and negotation skill to find further NO MONEY NEEDED property.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Food Garden @ LCCT - KLIA

Food Garden inside LCCT

Thank God I can have my first spicy food after ½ month in China.
I just notice they also sell other food instead of Mc Donald’s and Chinese Food.
I found this Food Court, which is called “ Food Garden” which is also situated inside the LCCT terminal, near to Domestic Arrivals.

It’s quite weird for a person who work in a travel agency, that this is my first time found out about this food court. Do you guys know such place as well?

At last I found my Favorite Food after 15 days locked up with Chinese Food

Now Aliens can enter China with Visa

This morning before I depart to the airplane which taking me back to Medan, via Kuala Lumpur, I notice that China has allowed Alien to enter Earth, via China.
WOW…… what a great breakthrough………?

Searching for Perfect Business Partners

I think most people starting their own business collaborating with their old – time friends or ex – colleagues, including me. I have a few notes needed to be share with you all regarding this issue. It’s very critical to choose the perfect business partners, from the start, because it will affect your overall business plans.

A Good Idea or Good Planning is not an issue at all. Everybody can come up with spectacular ideas or plans. The most important issue here is WHO is your future business partners? When I mean WHO here, it means you should know them inside and outside of that LUCKY PERSON who will become your future business partner.

No, I’m not talking about how’s their relationships with families or friends, I’m talking about their personality, visions, what he can do and cannot do, and how’s their attitudes towards work.

But on top of the criteria I mentioned, the most important is their visions, how can they see about an idea or plan, and where can they take it into future? Analyze if their visions are visible, and how far can their vision be? After that, match their visions with yours, is the gap too far? And can you guys rediscuss it?

A lot of business which is falling apart because of the partners are not sharing a same vision of where they can take their ideas / plans to.

I’m not saying that you should not do business with your old – time friends, it’s just you have to review if he/she eligible for the position. My point here is BUSINESS IS BUSINESS, AND FRIENDSHIP IS FRIENDSHIP. You and your future business partners should be able to differentiate this term very well, as I saw lots of old – time buddies are too easy to skip over / react to the other party if they make mistakes.

An old – time buddy can be a great business partner if they are aware of the term mentioned above, and be careful, an old – time buddy can be a NOBODY by the time they realise they don’t share a same vision with you in business.

So, guys, reviews on your friends are important if you want to ask them to become your future business partners.

Another Show in the middle of Pazhou Fair

One interesting part during my trip to Pazhou Fair is that there is one expert hired by a ceramic manufacturer to put a show in one of their booth